Document Destruction, Bin Delivery and Pickup

Destruction bin sizes:
Medium – 120 litre
Large – 240 litre

  • Lockable Destruction Bins
  • Two convenient sizes
  • One off pick ups
  • Service solutions tailored to your business

Do you have trouble getting rid of confidential documents? All businesses amass huge amounts of paperwork over time – so just how do you ensure that classified information doesn’t get read by unauthorised eyes?

Onslow Document Destruction Bins are the perfect solution for businesses who regularly have documents that need to be safely destroyed, leaving you with the time to run your business without worry.

Lockable bins of three sizes are available, to cater to businesses of all sizes. Bins are collected monthly (or more frequently if you desire) and loaded onto a secure truck. They are then taken to our licenced destruction facilities, to be liquified and then recycled. With only one person handling the bin the whole way, you can be assured that the process is seamlessly secure.

What makes Onslow destruction bins a good choice?
Running a shredder at the office is not only tireless, but is also damaging to the health of your employees and is not secure. When documents are shredded, information can still be seen, while the dust from the paper and ink going through a shredder can enter the lungs of employees and cause health problems, particularly after shredding a large number of documents.

Unlike other document destruction companies that shred documents, Onslow uses liquification to ensure that not a trace of information can be seen after destruction. Through our recycling programme, we protect the environment without compromising on the security of your documents.