Document Storage

  • Safe secure storage
  • Management programmes for storage and destruction
  • Access to your records
  • Destruction of archived records at due date
  • Storage boxes supplied or use your own

Not only does the law dictate that businesses keep certain records for seven years, it is simply common sense to keep financial records, medical records, and anything with a legal connotation for as long as possible to protect yourself if you ever need to prove anything. Keeping this number of records leads to a serious problems for business however – where on earth to put it all.

That’s where Onslow comes in. We store all of your documents in strong, tailor made boxes on our secure premises, giving you back back valuable space for your business, and protecting your documents should anything ever happen to your company or premises.

With our excellent indexing systems, we are able to source any document instantly – so should you need it, all it takes is a phone call and we’ll have it on an urgent courier to you within minutes – which saves you trawling through boxes of badly organised documents.

Any kind of business, whether small or large, underwater diving school, university or finance company, has to hold onto a huge number of records. Save yourself the expense of space, time and hassle when storing your own documents and let us do it for you.